Nirvana Tattoo


How much do you charge an hour for getting tattooed?
£80 for any of our artists.

How much does tattooing hurt?
All tattooing will hurt to a greater or lesser degree. The area of the skin being worked on can make quite a large difference as can an individuals capacity to deal with any pain that they experience during the tattoo.

Are you able to design a tattoo from my idea?
Absolutely! If you can give us a good description of what you’re thinking about we can put together a design that works well for the area you’re wanting to place the tattoo on. There is obviously no charge for this service.

I’ve got a holiday booked soon, is it safe to get tattooed before I leave?
If you’re fortunate enough to be going somewhere sunny where a fresh tattoo will be exposed to direct sunlight then the answer is “no”! With a “new” tattoo it’s best to avoid UVA exposure for at least 6-8 weeks. After this period of time has elapsed, we would recommend using a decent factor of “sunblock” to keep your tattoo looking it’s best.

Can I get tattooed then go swimming afterwards?
Swimming, and any immersion in water should be avoided for 3-4 weeks after the tattoo is applied. The reasons for this are many. A tattoo by it’s very nature is a wound. Swimming pools, hot tubs and any other form of bathing would expose the “open” skin to both chemicals and bacteria in the pool or hot tub that may affect the overall quality of the tattoo as it heals.

What is your minimum charge for tattooing?
The minimum price we charge for any tattoo is £40. This allows for “set up” time and cost of materials used.

Do I need to do anything to prepare myself for the tattooing procedure?
In a word, “yes”. We would recommend that you have a meal or something fairly substantial to eat within a couple of hours before you’re planning on coming in. It also goes almost without saying that you should avoid alcohol the night before or on the day of your tattoo appointment.

What cream do you suggest that I use on my tattoo during it’s healing period?
We will provide you with an aftercare ointment, free of charge after your tattoo is completed. We’ll also spend a fair amount of time “going through” an aftercare regime with you to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness during the healing period.

What age do I need to be to get tattooed?
By law, you need to be at least 18 years of age to be tattooed. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

I’ve got a tattoo that I no longer like, do you do “cover ups”?
“Yes” we do. Saying that, we would definitely suggest a “consultation” with an artist to give you an accurate idea of what will be possible to do with your original tattoo.

How long will it take for my tattoo to heal completely?
Everyone will vary slightly in this respect but as a rule of thumb, 6-8 weeks should be seen as a normal period of time.

I’m coming in to get tattooed, what type of I.D do you accept?
Ideally we would ask to see photo I.D such as a passport or driving licence.

If I change my mind about a tattoo in the future can it be removed?
A tattoo should be treated as a permanent mark. Tattoo “removal” is possible but you should both accept and understand that there is absolutely no guarantee that it can/ could be fully removed. A tattoo is “for life”.

Is it safe to get tattooed?
We strive to make tattooing as safe as it can be. At Nirvana we carry a City of Glasgow Licence to “carry on the business of skin piercing and tattooing” and stick rigidly to the rules that this licence deems to be necessary. New sterile needles are used on every customer and any tools reused are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath before being sterilised in the shop’s vacuum autoclave.