Nirvana Tattoo

2014 saw big changes for us. After years of thinking about it and being told that “we should”, Nirvana Piercing joined forces with 3 great tattoo artists to form “Nirvana Piercing and Tattoo”. The shop was stripped, rebuilt, decorated in a hectic 5 days to welcome Gillian, Derrick, Alex to our little family.

In some ways everything changed, in others nothing did. The piercing team stayed together to concentrate solely on piercing and jewellery sales while the new tattoo side of the business brought in their own staff (Hello Audrey!) to work exclusively on the tattooing side of the business.

We know what our strengths are, we try our upmost to keep our standards as high as they’ve always been and we strive to give everyone who visits the shop and enjoyable and positive experience.

It’s not difficult, we’re “old school”, we’re honest and we’ll do our very best to make you happy!