Eyelets (Single and double flared) without doubt, one of the most popular choices for stretched ear lobes, eyelets are available with either a single or double flare to hold them in place. The single flared eyelet comes complete with a black rubber “O-ring” to prevent loss and is a great option to use when stretching a piercing up from one size to the next.

Materials in stock include; Surgical Steel, Titanium (in 7 colours), Black Steel, Acrylic, Blackline Titanium, Pyrex, various Hardwoods and Silicone amongst others. Size range, from 2mm at their smallest to 40mm’s at their largest.

Tubes as the name suggests, the simplest piece of jewellery we sell. No balls, no threads, no nothing, just a straight hollow cylinder worn in stretched ear lobe piercings. Coming complete with 2 black rubber “O-rings” to hold it in place.

Tubes are available in a choice of 30 diameters from 2mm’s at their smallest to 30mm at their largest. Materials in stock include; Surgical Steel, Titanium, Black Steel and Acrylic amongst others.