Screw-on Accessories (Threaded Ball, Cones, Spikes) available in a choice of 1.2mm and 1.6mm threads, we carry hundreds of different add-on’s that will help accessorise any barbell,  labret stud or circular barbell (horseshoe) with a matching thread size. From the smallest and subtlest to the largest and boldest, the choice is almost endless.

Materials in stock include; Surgical Steel, Titanium (in 11 colours), Blackline Titanium, Zircon Steel, Acrylic, Baltic Amber and Black Steel.

Screw-in Accessories jewelled, plain, coloured and coned, screw-in accessories will work perfectly on any sub-dermal implant and can be changed within around 2 months of implant.

Available in a choice of 5 diameters ranging from the tiny 3mm to the massive 8mm. Materials in stock include; Titanium, Blackline Titanium and Zircon Titanium.

Screw In AccessoriesScrew on accessories