Nirvana Piercing


I want to get pierced but I’m worried that when I take my jewellery out it’ll leave a scar, will it?
Quite a simple answer to this question, “yes”. A piercing is basically a tube of scar tissue that fits snugly around the jewellery that it holds. The vast majority of piercings, even after being worn for a long period of time will shut completely , leaving a small mark that will more often than not fade down through the passing of time. One of the few exceptions will be cheek piercings that can on occasion leave very pronounced dimples that may be permanent.

The jewellery I bought on the internet 2 days ago is making my skin weep and itch, is this normal?
Sadly, not as uncommon a question as you might think. In short, “no”, a reaction like this is not to be accepted as normal and sounds like either some form of sensitivity to either the metal or the material (such as acrylic) that the jewellery is made from. Metal sensitivity is a much more common problem in women than men and can usually be rectified by using a better quality of jewellery such as Titanium.

What type of jewellery can I choose from, for my initial piercing? 
The most important factor in choosing the initial piece of jewellery for a fresh piercing is the fact that it must be completely bio-compatible in relation to your body. There are 2 main options available, EEC Compliant (Nickel free) Surgical Steel and Grade 23 Surgical Titanium which is probably the most common option due to it’s versatility of finishes. Available in plain polish (silvery grey), anodised (with 10 colour choices) and PVD (physical vapour deposition) coated, which comes in a choice of glossy black or bright gold. In over 20 years in business we’ve never seen any adverse reaction to either metal.

What is the best type of jewellery to get pierced with?
There’s really no easy answer to this question as the physiology of something as everyday as an Earlobe is as individual as the person that it belongs to. It’s not unusual to have 2 or 3 jewellery options for some piercings, some though will be more suitable than others, and we’ll try to guide you in the direction of the most practical, to provide you with a comfortable and successful result.

I’d like to start stretching my Ear Lobes but I’m worried that they won’t close down when I want them to, will they?
To a greater or lesser extent, “yes”. Size (diameter), the length of period the Lobe’s been stretched for, and the rate at which the piercing was stretched at, will all prove to be contributory factors to the degree that the piercing will close back up. From our own experience and talking to friends and customers, we believe that the majority of piercings that are stretched up to between 8 and 10mm’s will close down almost completely, it should be noted that this isn’t always the case and shouldn’t be taken as fact.

I’m going on holiday soon, will my jewellery set off the metal detector at the airport?
3 main factors will influence the probability  of this occuring. No.1, the material that the jewellery is made from. Surgical Steel and Titanium perhaps, Acrylic, Bio-plast and Wood absolutely not. No.2, the density of the metal. A large gauge Barbell with large Balls is much more likely to trigger an alarm than a tiny ring. No.3, the calibration of the machine itself. Again a more sensitive setting is more likely to trigger an alarm that one that is less sensitive. In short, if in doubt, take it out and replace it with something more suitable before travel.

I’m worried about the sight of blood, will there be much when I get pierced? 
No, not at all. Although some piercings may bleed a little, the vast majority won’t even manage to squeeze out a single drip and will usually stop almost immediately.

I’ve been told to either remove or hide my facial piercing at work, what are my options?
A very common question, easily answered. At “Nirvana”, we stock a wide range of clear bio-plast retainers, which as well as being completely inert are almost totally invisible. Available as both Nostril Studs and Labret’s, these retainers are a great option for keeping your piercing open.

I got pierced yesterday and my piercing feels a little itchy and looks a little red, is this normal?
Yes. Inflammation is a normal part of the healing process and will usually last for a few days. Sometimes, accompanied by a small amount of bruising, cuts, scratches and even spots will react in the same manner.

I’ve just found out that I’m pregnant and have my Navel pierced, do I have to remove my jewellery? 
For most people, the answer will be “no”, but at some point during the pregnancy it will probably be a good idea to remove the original jewellery and replace it with a flexible PTFE (acrylic) Barbell that may fit the new contours of your body with more comfort. A Barbell that’s around 4-6mm’s longer than the actual piercing will probably prove the most practical and comfortable choice.

I want to get pierced but I’m scared that it’ll be sore, is it?
All piercings will hurt to a certain extent, some obviously more than others. The truth is that if you’re thinking of getting a Nipple pierced you should realize that it will hurt more than an Ear Lobe. The piercing will take no more that a second to complete and with a little help and advice from one of our piercers, should be a fairly easy experience.

My piercing doesn’t look like it used to, is it growing out?
Some piercings will unfortunately “grow out”, and be rejected by the body. Although by no means common, it is more likely to happen with a surface piercing such as an Eyebrow, Earl or Navel piercing. Signs that the body may be rejecting the jewellery include, the skin becoming so thin that the jewellery can almost be seen through it, the skin surrounding the jewellery darkening in colour and/or becoming flakey or in some cases the length of the piercing shrinking radically over a very short period of time. A Navel piercing that measured 12mm’s, 3 months ago now measuring 5mm’s is never going to be seen as a good sign. If you’re unsure or think you may have a problem in this field, please feel free to come into the shop and we’ll do our best to advise you on what to do.

I got my Nostril pierced a month ago. I’ve just pulled it out with a towel and I can’t get it back in, what should I do?
If you’ve tried and failed more than a few times to refit it and your piercing is getting irritated, please come down to the shop as soon as you can and we’ll try to refit it for you. As a rule of thumb the longer you leave a piercing (especially a Nostril or a Lip) empty, the harder it is to refit. Please don’t leave it for 2 days, as the likely hood of refitting it successfully will be minimal.

I’ve stretched my Ear Lobe up to 20mm’s, then let it close down a bit, how do I know what size it is now?
If you’ve still got the jewellery that you wore when initially stretching the jewellery up, simply try various pieces in and see what fits. If not, pop into the shop and we’ll use some insertion pins to give you an accurate idea.