Sub Dermal

One if the main concerns when healing a sub dermal is it’s actual placement. It’s fairly obvious, but if the placement is in the hand or the wrist where it’s exposed to movement and friction from everyday activities, it is on average, going to take longer to heal than one that’s placed in the centre of a chest.

The vast majority of sub dermal’s will heal with little or no trouble but unfortunately this isn’t the case with them all. Catching, knocking or failing to keep them clean will heighten the possibility of a slow healing process or in some cases even rejection where the body pushes the dermal back out if the body leaving a small scar that will fade given time.

In common with all other piercings, it’s probably best to clean it twice a day with a mild salt water solution before patting it dry with a clean tissue. The heads are fully threaded and removable, although it’s probably best to leave them for around 8 weeks before even thinking about changing them.

At this stage the sub dermal should be settled but not fully healed so it’s probably best to get one of our staff to do this for you. We stock around 100 different heads and you won’t be charged for fitting any you choose to buy. Sub dermals are without doubt the no1 choice for areas where more conventional piercing jewellery just won’t work. A fantastic option.