Lip and Cheek

The healing time for any lip piercing can be influenced by a multitude of different factors. Placement, jewellery selection, the physiology of the lip itself, the persons general health, diet and lifestyle choices will all be major contributory factors affecting the period of time the piercing will take to heal.

A small amount of swelling is to be expected in the first few days after the initial piercing. This should be accepted as part of the normal healing cycle and should prove little problem as the labret stud or ball closure ring fitted should allow enough space to accommodate this phase. In the very rare circumstance that you feel the jewellery fitted is not long enough or wide enough allow this, please feel free to pop back into the shop where we will replace the initial piece of jewellery free of charge. This problem is extremely unusual, happening on only a handful of occasions over the last 20 years.

With any fresh oral piercing, the mouth should be rinsed out thoroughly, morning and night using an anti-bacterial mouthwash such as “Listerene” for a minimum of 2 months. Good dental hygiene is also necessary, as both tooth and/or gum infections will expose the fresh piercing to a much higher amount of bacteria and the related problems that this may cause. Both smoking and drinking alcohol should be cut to an absolute minimum in the weeks following the piercing as this will minimise the chance of problems and will also have the added benefit of speeding up the healing process.

In addition to the use of mouthwash, the mouth should also be rinsed out using a mild salt water solution after any food or drink has been consumed. This is also suggested after both kissing or smoking. The salt water rinse should be made up every morning using half a pint of boiling water mixed with no more than quarter of a level teaspoon of “sea salt” before being cooled to a safe temperature then decanted into a small clean bottle that can be carried about to be used throughout the day.

Initial swelling on a lip piercing is usually slight and should only last for between 5 and 14 days. Keeping the mouth cool with chilled drinks will help to ease swelling during this period as will avoiding spicy foods, curries and shellfish all of which can cause some amount of irritation. Equally important, to oral hygiene, the outside of the lip piercing must also be kept clean as one without the other is almost pointless. Clean hands are a must. After carrying out your preparation (see below), wash your hands properly with an anti-bacterial soap before drying them them with a clean dry towel. Whether a ball closure ring, labret stud or circular barbell (horseshoe) has been used, it is important to avoid pushing the exposed end of the jewellery into the body of the piercing as this will scratch the inside of the piercing whilst also introducing unwanted bacteria to the site.

After making up the same strength of salt water solution (and allowing it to cool to a comfortable temperature) required for cleaning the inside of the mouth, the outside of the piercing should initially be cleaned twice a day with great care being taken to first soak then remove any dry matter or crust before drying the area with a clean dry tissue.

It is also suggested that care should be taken to avoid the introduction of hairspray, makeup, soaps, shampoos and conditioners as this may interfere with the healing process. After washing the hair or face it is best to rinse the piercing and jewellery with fresh water before again patting dry with a fresh tissue.

If your lip piercing was carried out with a labret stud and any initial swelling has subsided, please come back into the shop to get your jewellery replaced with a piece of a more suitable size. There is no charge for this service and you’ll be given your original piece of jewellery to take home with you. We suggest you keep it safe as it will provide a spare ball if the new one is lost.

If you have any queries concerning either your lip piercing or it’s jewellery, please feel free to pop into the shop or give us a phone and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.