Nirvana Piercing


Without doubt, the two most important qualities you can have whilst healing a piercing are cleanliness and patience. To put it another way, look after your piercing as well as you can and don’t expect it to heal in a week, this simply isn’t going to happen. Both piercing’s and people vary, some people will naturally heal faster than others as do different piercings. On average a simple Ear Lobe piercing will heal more quickly than a Tragus or Conch piercing where Cartilage is involved. It should also be noted that a pair of matching piercings, carried out on the same person, with the same type of jewellery at the same time may heal at different rates. The jewellery used in the initial piercing should be left in place for a minimum of 2-6 months (depending on which piercing it is), to let it heal and strengthen with as little stress as possible. After this initial period, most people will be able to change their jewellery with very little difficulty, although a small number may find that their piercing closes up if the jewellery is left out for even the shortest period of time. A cautious, sensible and well-prepared change of jewellery is strongly recommended. If you lack confidence in carrying out a change of jewellery, feel free to pop into the shop and we’ll either help you or do it for you. Please note that any jewellery purchased in “Nirvana” will be fitted free of charge, where as any pieces purchased from other outlets will incure a small fee to cover both our costs and time. Problems in healing piercings are unusual, but your chances of having any difficulties will be minimised by following these suggestions; Clean hands are a must. After doing your preparation (see below), wash your hands properly with an anti-bacterial soap before drying them well on a clean, fresh towel. If a Ball Closure Ring, Circular Barbell (Horseshoe) or Barbell has been used, it is important to avoid pushing the exposed end of the jewellery into the body of the piercing as this will scratch the inside of the piercing whilst also introducing unwanted bacteria to the site. For facial and Ear piercings, it is best to avoid the influence of hairspray, makeup, soaps, shampoos and conditioners as this can interfere with the healing process. After washing the hair, face or body it is best to rinse out the piercing with fresh water before carefully patting it dry with a clean tissue. If the piercing is below the neck, please try to wear clean, loose clothing over the piercing as it heals. Bra’s are an exception, and will support a female Nipple piercing with no adverse effects but tight waistbands and tight belts are not a suitable choice for fresh Navel piercings. Initially, the piercing should be cleaned twice a day using warm (but mild), salted water. It is important to make the solution up correctly as a mixture that’s too strong may slow down the healing process or even irritate or burn the skin around it. The salt water solution should be made up freshly every time it is to be used before being discarded afterwards, with a mix of half a pint of boiling water to a quarter of a level teaspoon of “Sea Salt” working well. Again, please try to make this solution as accurately as possible before letting it cool to a comfortable temperature suitable for use on the skin. Using clean cotton buds soaked in the salt water solution, gently clean the piercing, making certain to remove any crusting or dry matter from on and around the piercing and jewellery. Great care should be taken while doing this not to rotate the jewellery through the piercing as the crust will, as stated above, introduce bacteria which may cause significant problems. After cleaning, the piercing should be carefully patted dry with a tissue. The choice of soaps and shampoos is also important, with non-perfumed, non-coloured products being the safest options. Using swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs for the duration of the healing period is not advisable unless the piercing is covered by a waterproof wound dressing such as Tegaderm.  These dressings are available at “Nirvana”. They are sold on a non-profit basis. If you have any queries concerning either your piercing or your jewellery, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll try to answer any questions you may have.