Piercing Questions: Nipple piercings: Which is better, barbells or rings?

Nipple piercings:  Which is better: barbells or rings?

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As a rule with nipple piercings, straight barbells will heal more quickly than rings. If bars are fitted with 2-3mm spare length compared to the length of the piercing they should work well. Rings are much more likely to get knocked around than barbells, due to the simple fact that they both stick out and hang down. Once the nipple piercing has healed and if rings are still wanted, it’s probably best to change them for D-Rings with a flat top allowing them to sit flush to the body. Nipple piercings are likely to heal to the shape of the barbell and initially a ring would be less comfortable.  D-Rings for nipple piercings are available in our Nipple Jewellery section.

Female Nipple

The female nipple is normally pierced horizontally through the head of the nipple slightly forward of where the nipple itself rises from the body of the breast. Although female nipple piercings can be pierced with a variety of different jewellery types, a straight barbell is best for speed of healing and ease of cleaning as their tendency to be knocked, caught and bumped is far less than either a ball closure ring or circular barbell. As all nipples can vary considerably in diameter, it is important for the initial jewellery chosen to allow a small amount of swelling and inflammation. Although not very common, vertical and multiple placements are not unknown. A healing period of 2-6 months should be considered to be normal.

Male Nipple

Placement of male nipple piercings can vary greatly from person to person for two main reasons; personal preference, and more importantly, the diameter of the nipple itself. On a well developed male nipple, the piercing can either sit on the nipple just forward of where it rises from the plain of the chest or further out into the areola for a wider heavier look. When the piercing sits on the nipple, the choice of jewellery is varied with ball closure rings and circular barbells both being viable choices although straight barbells probably prove the easiest to heal quickly due to the fact that they are not as commonly knocked, caught or bumped as the other two. On the wider placement, a straight Barbell is probably the only option as ball closure rings and circular barbells will stick out from the body delaying the healing process if not making it all together impossible. Most, but not all, male nipples are carried out horizontally with a healing time of 2-6 months being considered as normal.

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